About Bruce

Welcome – thank you for visiting my website.  Below is some information that you might find helpful.DSC_7133

I grew up in Palo Alto, California and moved to Colorado in 1987.  What I loved about growing up in California in addition to the natural and cultural beauty was living in an environment where, ‘all that you can imagine is in fact possible”.

I am immensely curious and greatly appreciate being able to offer a service that requires me to marry my intellect with my creative resources and intuition.

I have worked as a farmer, auto mechanic, silvi-culture analyst, assembler in an electronics factory, cross country ski instructor, in all phases of construction, nurse’s aide, psychiatric aide, intensive care unit nurse and public health administrator for maternal child health programs.  I started and managed a comprehensive nurse midwife perinatal program, and ran for the US Senate in Colorado in 2000.  For the last 19+ years I have been a Structural Integration Practitioner and Nurse.  The common thread amongst these different jobs has been helping people improve their lives.

I am married (twice – now for 14 years) and have two daughters.  Fika just graduated from college and Maya is about to graduate.  Being active describes me best – some would say hyperactive….  I love bicycling, hiking, skiing, dancing, building, and creating with my hands.

mbira taos 2I play and perform the mbira – an instrument (lamellophone) from Zimbabwe.   The style of music is considered traditional folk music primarily from the Shona people.  Thomas Mapfumo is probably the most well known and plays a popular version of this genre.  The mbira is delightful and quite a challenge for me.  I am moved by mbira songs that are inspired by people’s stories – their joys and challenges.