Are Sessions painful?

Tree knotThis is a very important issue and question.  I only work where I am invited, at a level that my clients want me to work, and in a way that honors the client’s choice at all times.  Working this way allows for a collaborative evolving of rapport, trust and respect along with a willingness to work with whatever comes up.  By listening and being trustworthy amazing things can and do happen.

I only work with children when I have their full and complete permission regardless of age.

The short answer is: yes, SI can be painful.  It has taken me some time to understand the balance between pain in SI and a client’s comfort zone.

The ‘pain’ of a SI session should be like that of a good workout.  Most people during their SI sessions describe pain as, “releasing” or “relieving” or ‘yes – I can breath through that”.

I make a distinction between two kinds of pain – “voluntary” and “involuntary”.  When asked about pain and most of us will recall an “involuntary” event – such as a headache. Headaches are uninvited, the frequency, intensity, and duration are most often not in our control – and that is a difficult experience.

On the other hand, “voluntary” pain – exercise would be an example – is where we can increase or decrease the sensation of pain by altering our pace, intensity of action, and/or frequency.  “Voluntary pain” is entirely within our control and this is the type of pain associated with SI in my practice.

nestYour comfort and safety are my primary concern.  Trust facilitates change like nothing else I know.  It also makes for mutually enjoyable sessions!  Every aspect of SI is dedicated to restoring ‘lost length’ in your body.  Pain can easily cause tissue shortening which would be counterproductive.