What can you expect?

I approach my work in basically two ways: systematic and goal oriented; or brief and goal oriented.  For parents please know that I will only work with your children with your child’s full permission.

3 wise menFirst, I want to know as much as possible about what brought you to my office.  This means lots of questions, from both you and me.

Second, I will assess your physical structure by asking you to stand and walk while I watch how your body moves in gravity.  This can be difficult for some people, however please try to be patient.  I am “looking” from the perspective of health and healing.  I ask myself, “How have you organized your body, both standing and in motion,” with lots of curiosity and compassion.  I trust the intelligence of your body to cue me about what you need.

Third, I begin the “hands on” work, assessing where your body is holding tension, feeling for the quality of your tissue, and without exception over the last twenty years, this leads to confirmation of your experience.

These three initial steps are critical to my practice.  From this point, we either follow the traditional ten session model or we optimize your structure from an “as needed” perspective.  Both strategies work exceedingly well.

Progress is based on your experience and your experience alone.  Are you feeling better, is your pain less, are you able to move with more ease and comfort, do you feel stronger, do you feel taller, is there more flexibility in your body and movements, do you feel more capable, do you have better endurance, etc?  Specifically, if you are not feeling improvement (or seeing the possibility of it) after three sessions then that is a good time to stop.

Matchbox Broke heart with hammerI encourage everyone that I work with to be as honest with me as possible about their experiences.  After 20+ years of working with people when someone tells me they are not getting better, that arouses my curiosity, and my intellect – to find different ways of approaching your issues.  If you are not improving and I have exhausted my ideas for change then I will work with you to find another practitioner or discipline to better meet your needs.  I am on your side!