These people and or organizations offer challenging yet helpful ideas for successfully working with and or understanding our world.

Lion KnockerHans Rosling – (Swedish medical doctor, academic, statistician and remarkable public speaker)

Bruce Lipton – (an American developmental biologist)

Terence McKenna – (was an American philosopher, psychonaut, researcher, teacher, lecturer and writer)

Rick Doblin – (president and founder of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies – MAPS)

Arnold Mindell – (Founder of Process Oriented Psychology or Process Work with emphasis on Deep Democracy and Worldwork) and one amazing teacher of Process Work – Max Schupbach at:

William Redpath – (Founder of Trauma Energetics – a student of held energy systems)

Ceramic birdsNational Nurses United – (largest union and professional association of registered nurses in America to give registered nurses a national voice and organizing power.)

Association of Rehabilitation Nurses – (Professional organization advocating for Rehabilitation Nurses)

Guild for Structural Integration – (School dedicated to the traditional understandings and teachings of Ida P. Rolf work)

Rolf Institute of Structural Integration – (School dedicated to the contemporary understandings and teaching of Ida P Rolf’s work)

Hellerwork Structural Integration – (School of Structural Integration started by a student of Dr. Rolf)

KMI: Kinesis Myofascial Integration – (School started by a student of Dr. Rolf)